The story of our family starts a little earlier than 1910. Like so many Irish people and families at that time, itís a tale of migration, what they would now call ,íeconomic migrationí. So, its nothing new for people to need to move from country to country. Back in 1906 California had a huge earthquake and San Francisco was devastated. Skilled men and women were needed to help with the rebuild and one such man heard the call. His name was Peter Dooley. But, Peter was at home in West Meath in Southern Ireland at the time. Notwithstanding he set off with his brother and they as skilled joiners and carpenters went to America. I think we would all like to know a little of that journey, but with the mist of time the threads have been lost. Peter stayed there for five years and then decided to come back, his brother stayed on and changed his name to Tuttle for some reason. Upon returning to the British Isles he settled in the town of St. Helens, Lancashire, as it was then.
Thatís were the story of the funeral service starts. Most of the old time funeral directors or undertakers were carpenters for obvious reasons and it seems he was working as a carpenter and was asked to make some coffins and it dawned on him that he could do that job as well.Our company now bears his sonís name Frank, and he too followed in his fatherís footsteps and became a well respected tradesman in the town and even today there are pieces of his workmanship dotted about the area at various churches etc.Although completely separate businesses the funeral service and the joinery company both grew steadily, but Frank was never one to take his hands off the , Ďpurse stringsí. So growth was slow and solid. Frank had two sons Peter and Kevin of whom he was very proud, Peter became a mining engineer and the boss at a number of coal mines, Kevin followed his dad and became a joiner and trained in the funeral service as well. The joinery firm closed many years ago. Frank's grandchildren now run the funeral company assisted by some of his great grandchildren! A couple more sites have been purchased and we now offer our family service to a wider area. We are proud of our achievements and we are proud of our colleagues at work. We treat everyone like family and if you do that as you go through life you canít go far wrong